Timberframe  Services

Custom Home & Timber Frame Design


At Blackthorn Contractors, we use our own custom homes and timber frame designers to create complete home plans and architectural drawings. Our software palette includes Softplan, AutoCad Architectural Desktop, and CADworks 3D timber design.  CADworks is a powerful tool for our customers: it creates a 3D virtual tour of your home in the computer, before any tool is applied to timber and you build on the lot. It also produced an accurate material list and cost estimates.

Together, all the programs create shop drawings for each and every timber in your house as well as standard formats used in the construction industry.From CADworks files are produced precise shop drawings, showing everything needed for the joinery and custom cutting.

Custom Timberframe Joinery  


Blackthorn Contractors has established a solid reputation as a quality custom builder. We mainly use Douglas fir, Western White Pine and Western Hemlock in our timberframes. Douglas Fir is the most sought after species for its beauty, straightness and superior strength.  Kiln drying and standing dead, although more expensive, is available upon request. 

We teach our kids early about the trade... Wood in GOOD !


Blackthorn offers both – traditional and Japanese joinery. Timber embellishments, like chamfers, hand-carved details on posts  and other unique and specific requests can be easily accommodated by our experienced and talented staff. Other options can also be utilized to satisfy your architectural and aesthetical desires. 

Onsite Installation


If you are in our local area, we can offer full project management services.  From concept to design, permits to breaking ground.  We can take care of all your excavations and concrete foundation work, carefully build your home to our high standards, make your dream into a reality.  We are there to help you in any way.